23 december 2008

påven är en drag queen

Påven har hållit sitt jultal. Men en transkribering hittar jag hittills bara på Curt Jester:

"It is not outdated metaphysics when the Church speaks of the nature of the human being as man and woman, and asks that this natural order be respected.

This has to do with faith in the Creator and listening to the language of creation, which, if disregarded, would be man's self-destruction and therefore a destruction of God's work itself.

That which has come to be expressed and understood with the term 'gender' effectively results in man's self-emancipation from Creation (nature) and from the Creator. Man wants to do everything by himself and to decide always and exclusively about anything that concerns him personally. But this is to live against truth, to live against the Spirit Creator."

Eh. Och det ska komma från en man i klänning? Tillåt mig att inte ta på allvar.

Flera: Antigayretorik, Maria F, Krister F, Oswald, Jinge, Felix K, Jessica S

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  1. Anonym07:39

    Tack Gode Gud för en rak, tydlig, klarsynt och modig påve!